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How do I Start the Process?

First, consider starting a dialog with your spouse regarding the Collaborative Process by sharing the information on this website with them. If you think the Collaborative Process might be the right fit, then you’ll need to choose a Collaborative Professional to get started. The Collaborative Professional will meet with you to help you fully understand the Collaborative Process and how it will impact your individual situation. Your spouse will also need to choose a Collaborative Professional; if your spouse is not yet sure about the Collaborative Process, then you can still get started by exploring the options with your chosen Collaborative Professional.

  • Choose a Collaborative Professional based on your needs. If your immediate concerns involve finances, you might choose to contact a Financial Specialist. Or, if you’re struggling with emotions, conflict, or parenting issues, you might choose to contact a Family Relations Specialist.
  • We know this can be a stressful time and are here to answer your questions about the Collaborative Process. Not sure if this is the right fit for you? Reach out to any of our Collaborative Professionals to learn more.
  • Contact any of our Collaborative Professionals directly by selecting their name, or search and select a Collaborative Professional by choosing from the Collaborative Team options below.

The Collaborative Process, even though avoiding court, still involves a legal agreement. Therefore, your Collaborative Attorney will be there to advise you on all maters of law. Collaborative Attorneys are committed to the Collaborative Practice through continuous training and adherence to the highest level of both legal and ethical requirements.

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The Collaborative Process involves a detailed review of all assets and incomes. Certified Financial Specialists will assist you in evaluating and analyzing financial options for your future financial well-being. Financial Specialists are dedicated to the Collaborative Practice through continuous training and sharing best practices at monthly meetings.

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Mental health professionals help you manage the stress of changing relationships and being at your best during the Collaborative Process. Family Specialists also help children understand and express their feelings, and assure children are a priority. Family Specialists are skilled in understanding that divorce is a major life transition and are dedicated to the Collaborative Process through continuous training and focus on constructing a comprehensive plan for the next state of your life.

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