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With the merger of Potter & Company, LLP with Blue & Co., LLC in 2010, Helen became a Director in Blue's Louisville, KY Downtown office. Helen served as the chair of the firm's Business Valuation Litigation Support Committee during 2010. Her main areas of expertise are valuation litigation support, forensic accounting, small business tax issues, consulting, and estate planning. She has been appointed by Jefferson County Family and Circuit Court and is qualified as an expert in Fayette, Warren, Oldham, Bullitt, McCracken and Pulaski counties and has qualified as an expert in Federal Bankruptcy Court. Helen is trained in general mediation, with most of her work in the area of marital dissolution. Helen is a member of the Kentucky Collaborative Family Network. She is a past Chair of the Kentucky Society of CPA’s State and Local Tax Committee, where she was awarded the outstanding Committee chair 2001-2002, and a former Board Member of the Society. Helen is a graduate of the University of Louisville, with a MBA from Bellarmine University. Helen began performing business valuations in 1995. She is a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) and a Candidate Member in Business Valuation of the American Society of Appraisers. Additionally, she is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has earned the AICPA’s specialty designations for business valuators (ABV) and financial forensics (CFF).

Helen performs business valuations, commercial damage calculation and has supported attorneys and clients in various areas of litigation. Helen has given presentations on various topics such as: valuations in marital dissolutions, valuations of closely held businesses and professional practices, personal and enterprise goodwill, business valuation standards and general business valuation topics. She has qualified as an expert in Family and Circuit Courts in Jefferson County, Oldham County, Taylor County, Fayette County, Bullitt County, Pulaski County, Warren County and McCracken County.

Most people end up in an attorney’s office in emotionally challenging circumstances. From day one, my attorney and the entire Collaborative Team were amazing to work with—professional, extremely knowledgeable, and responsive. Early recommendations on steps we should take really came in handy as the Collaborative Process proceeded.

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