I am the founder of the Law Office of J. Eileen Zell —also known as EZ QDRO LAW — a boutique law practice focused exclusively on the division of retirement assets and other forms of deferred compensation in domestic relations matters. I partner directly with the collaborative team to safeguard retirement benefits, and help successfully negotiate and promote creative settlement solutions, accomplish client goals, and navigate difficult issues.

I am committed to achieving an equitable and fair division of marital retirement benefits, making it my business to bring efficiency to the collaborative process. I ensure that complex plan documents and changing laws do not yield unintended results. As author of Bloomberg Tax & Accounting Tax Management Portfolio, 379‐1st T.M., QDROs and Similar Assignments of Income/Retirement Assets, I continually examine this emerging area of law, while educating other practitioners in the field.

Thank you for helping us navigate such a difficult time in our lives. I am so glad that we chose a collaborative approach to divorce!

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