As a family law attorney, I care deeply for my clients and the results I assist them to achieve. The truth is, termination of a marriage is an extremely difficult event to navigate. There are numerous options and paths one can choose to terminate their marriage. Each of these options have pros and cons. However, among all the different paths, there is only one that is best for most families faced with this difficult time—the Collaborative Process. Throughout my career, my clients that chose the Collaborative Process universally came away with better, more satisfactory results when compared to clients that chose a different path. Why is this? The answer is threefold. First, in the Collaborative Process we focus on resolutions that achieve our clients’ goals and interests (rather than simply what a court/judge would mandate). Second, this process allows experienced family law practitioners to “put away their swords” and work together to arrive at creative resolutions to unique problems. Third, and most importantly, the clients have total control over the process and the final outcome.

Most people end up in an attorney’s office in emotionally challenging circumstances. From day one, my attorney and the entire Collaborative Team were amazing to work with—professional, extremely knowledgeable, and responsive. Early recommendations on steps we should take really came in handy as the Collaborative Process proceeded.

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