I have been a licensed attorney since 2012 and I’m currently licensed in Ohio, Kentucky, and pending Tennessee. For the first eight years of practice, I focused on Family Law, primarily divorces. That experience revealed to me that the traditional model of terminating a marriage through litigation does not work. Even when we took a case to trial and we would “win”, the other side was not happy. They would file post decree motions and the litigation and expense would continue. The effect of this process was that no one was happy, and the divorce would string out for years.

To give my clients a different option, I explored and fell in love with the collaborative model. Through this intentional process, each person can fully explore the goals and interests they hold. They can reach agreements that are balanced and that work for both. We are also able to explore further and learn techniques, often with the help of our third-party neutrals, on how to communicate better and to manage finances.

Prior to completing the collaborative training, I had completed the Supreme Court training for mediators and guardian ad litem’s. I was also appointed as a Guardian Ad Litem. A primary focus for me is ensuring that the children in the conflict are coming out as best they can. I personally have seven children and my parents had 37 foster children in addition to their four biological children. It is likely for this reason that each child in the process will always be a priority for me.

At the end of 2021, I retired from the US Army after 20 years of service. During that time, I worked in several capacities including military police, signal, and judge advocate. That experience has significantly increased my ability to work with varied personalities, how to address high stress and high conflict individuals and to help craft alternative dispute options. I am also intimately knowledgeable of the intricate details of military divorces, benefit protocol and retirement divisions.

My goal is helping each client as they walk through this phase of their life and to help them fully understand each step and to arm them with the tools to help them make the best decisions for their future. I use tested and proven strategies to not only advocate for my client and their communicated needs but to come to a civil and acceptable agreement between both parties leaving out the drama and turmoil.

Most people end up in an attorney’s office in emotionally challenging circumstances. From day one, my attorney and the entire Collaborative Team were amazing to work with—professional, extremely knowledgeable, and responsive. Early recommendations on steps we should take really came in handy as the Collaborative Process proceeded.

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