Virginia M. Riggs-Horton is an attorney with the Law Office of Marvin Knorr and Associates. Prior to joining Knorr Law, Virginia was a solo practitioner at her own firm for more than twelve years and then worked for Schaffner Family Law for approximately 1.5 years. She has been licensed in Kentucky since 2008 and Ohio since 2009. Her practice has primarily focused on all aspects of family law. She has received training to serve as a guardian ad litem, mediator, and parenting coordinator.

The dissolution of a marriage and division of a family is generally the most trying times in a person’s life and is comparable to experiencing the death of a loved one. People feel an array of emotions including denial, anger, sadness and eventually, acceptance. There is nothing worse than litigating your life in front of a Court while experiencing these feelings.

Virginia believes that by using the collaborative approach, it provides her clients, and the family, the most positive and peaceful way to transition. Her goal with collaborative is, through working cooperatively with a team of professionals, to reach a non-litigious resolution, controlled by the clients, with as minimal conflict as possible.

Thank you for helping us navigate such a difficult time in our lives. I am so glad that we chose a collaborative approach to divorce!

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