Michael Bouldin has been practicing divorce and family law in Northern Kentucky for 25+ years and after taking the Collaborative divorce training, realized that this specific practice fit well into his current practice. Despite collaborative having been around for about 30 years, it is still blossoming as a method of resolving divorce issues and is increasing as a pre. Mike has worked to incorporate many aspects and expand the collaborative process by employing family specialists, financial specialists, valuation experts or others to assist the parties in amicably resolving any and all disputes.

Once the collaborative training was complete, over 15 years ago, Michael saw that his ability to guide clients through the process greatly improved. The Academy of Northern Kentucky Collaborative Professionals, Inc. is a great place to gain more information and review which attorneys practice collaborative divorce in your location. Other professionals are also highlighted as they often work with the parties to achieve a mutually agreeable resolution.

Michael works hard to handle each client individually and collaborative approach allows attorneys to uniquely tailor the case to fit the needs of the clients going through this difficult time.

Thank you for helping us navigate such a difficult time in our lives. I am so glad that we chose a collaborative approach to divorce!

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